Looks like a butterfly, flies like a bee !

Easily fly an absolutely unique biomimetic controllable creature.

A huge crowdfunding success

More than 7,000 backers

Funding goal met in less than 11h


Goal exceeded by 1986% on Kickstarter

How does it work ?

Easy to fly

It’s a fast but controllable. You can do great tricks with it

Fun but safe

Very light and without propellers. Totally safe for people around you


Reinforced frame + flexible plastic wings = long term

A “biomimetic” drone?

We craft our drones inspired by the bigger, older and most performant engineering lab in the world: nature. We deliver drones that reproduce the flight of a bird or a dragonfly. This method is called biomimicry : to study and imitate nature’s best ideas in order to solve problems. 

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What is so fun with The MetaFly is how it attracts real birds ! They thinks it’s one of them !

Arthur (27) & friends

It’s a small Drone that moves around perfectly with its wings. Everytime I fly it, people around that sees me fly it is amazed.

Jackson (35)

“We had a really great time together flying the MetaFly. My daughter was so impressed I can control it in the sky, and that it looks like “real” animal.”

Shirley (31) and her daughter (4)

I just can’t believe how clever Tom has become with The Metafly in such a short time. He’s now much better than me, and can catch the bird in his hand when he brings it back! 

Marc (63) and Tom (9)

Cool videos

The MetaFly is elastic and robust!

The MetaFly is designed to endure crashes thanks to its bumpers and its elastic carbon fiber wings. 

The MetaFly assembly

Watch how to assemble your MetaFly easily and quickly.

MetaFly – A new flying creature on Kickstarter

Watch the video we created to fund the MetaFly development, and discover the story behind the scene.