Bionic Bird often requires a simple adjustment for its first flight. Push the tail to the second notch, activate the flapping of the wings at maximum speed and delicately launch the bird into the air. It’s well balanced if it starts to gain altitude immediately. If it turns to one side, add an aluminum weight to the end of the wing opposite to the direction it was turning.

Enjoy your flight!


Depending on your model, the provided charging device will vary.The Premium version charges by simply placing Bionic Bird on its egg, which is turned on using the button under its base. The USB adaptor for the Deluxe version does the same thing, and the LED changes from red to blue to indicate it has finished charging.


Once the app is launched, and after the reading the short tutorial, the “find bird” screen is displayed. After switching on the bird, the name of your Bionic Bird (modifiable) will appear on the screen. Just click on the name to connect it, and then move on to the flight controls. For the Vintage version, the connection is automatic as soon as you turn on both devices, which is reflected by a non-blinking LED on both sides.


Here are two essential recommendations to ensure you have successful first flights: Firstly, the way you should hold the smartphone is important, don’t hold it like a telephone but rather hold it with your four fingers and touch the screen with your thumb to control the accelerator. The second is to allow Bionic Bird to gain altitude for a few seconds after launching it by making sure the smartphone is lying flat, after this you can start maneuvering the bird.

Balancing the wings

It’s easy to rebalance a bird that doesn’t fly properly straight out of the box. Sometimes the wings are a little unbalanced and the bird won’t gain altitude. Small aluminum sticker weights are included in the box to solve this problem. Here’s how to use them.


Wings and tails are the easiest parts to replace, either if they break or you just want to customize your Bionic Bird. The way to go about it is the same for all models. What’s important is to never pull the wings or the tail by its extremities, instead, always pull from the base which is more robust.